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Visa & Travel

Once you get the admissions we guide you on the visa process for the country you are going to. The interviews during the Visa process is simple and the questions usually revolves around your purpose of studies, the institute you have selected, your strong roots to your home country and so on. We guide you on the same and help you prepare well for the Visa Process and Interviews. Some of the reasons for rejection of Visas is as below

  • Educational fund proof not convincing enough or false
  • Falsifying records and giving wrong information
  • Your records not matching with your statements during the interview
  • Application is for wrong visa
  • Language or Communication skill is not upto the minimal requirement
  • Visa officer not convinced on your intention to come back to home country
  • Not being prepared well for the interview
  • Being over confident or displaying an attitude or body language that can be disrespectful to the interviewer
  • Not providing sufficient information

It is best that one prepares well for the interview. We also have a team that ensures smooth travel, including ticketing and accommodation references wherever possible